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When handicapping a race, take the time to see if a horse has shown something "extra" in its last outing. This may mean that the horse is ready to run its best, as long as the last outing was within a month or so. I generally make a mark next to the horse, indicating the nature of that something extra. That something generally falls into one of three categories.

SG This indicates that the horse fell short of winning, but gained at least 3-1/2 lengths during the last segment of the race, finishing no worse than six lengths back. This is particularly interesting if the horse finished out of the money and is going off today at 5/1 or better.

2M This indicates that the horse "double-dipped" making two moves during the race. For route races, this notation means that the horse was within 3 lengths of the lead at the 1st call, lost at least 2 lengths between the 1st and 2nd calls, then gained at least 3 lengths during the run to the finish. For sprints, the horse was within 2 lengths at the 1st call, lost at least a length going to the second call, then gained at least 2 lengths running to the finish.

TV This indicates that the horse's average velocity during its last race was among the top two of all the horses running on the day's card. This takes a bit of work of course, since it is not restricted to the horses running in one race. You need to check the last race of each horse running tody and divide the distance of its last race (in either furlongs or feet) by its final time in seconds. Jot that number next to each horse and keep track of the highest values.

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