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We Did It Again !!

As you probably know, each year the prestigious Phillips Racing Newsletter picks what it considers to be the top ten handicapping products of the previous year. It's important to remember that the PRN includes NO ADVERTIZING. So, there is no tendency to reward advertisers with these choices. These choices are simply based on the opinions of an outfit that has been publishing handicapping information since 1974!

Well, we must be doing something right. One of our products has been included in the PRN's top ten list in each of the past 8 years! The January issue of the PRN listed our Double Claim Finder as one of the top ten handicapping products of 2013.

Here's the complet list:

Year Product
2006 Trainer/Jockey Combo
2007 Track Bias Profile
2008 Synthetic Track Data
2009 MyWay Handicapper
2010 PC Tools for the Thoroughbred Handicapper (book)
2011 The Key Race (book)
Key Finder (program)
2012 In Search of the Superfecta (book)
Superfecta Selector (program)
2013 Double Claim Finder

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